Mediamesh, Technology, benefits of Large LED Digital Media Facades

Benefits of Mediamesh®

new technology for Large LED Digital Media Facades

innovation for Interactive Architecture

Mediamesh® Technology revolutionizes large LED digital media facades to create new forms of Interactive architecture with Garage Media.

With Mediamesh® light-weight, durable construction with sleek design blends into the structure to transform into iconic digital interactive architecture.

Garage Media / Mediamesh® Technology Benefits

Digital Building Facades - Captivating / Innovative

  • High-definition images appear to float on the building façade surface
  • Web-based control system to easily display a wide spectrum of graphics, animated text and video
  • Will draw attention and transform buildings into iconic structures
  • Large LED digital media facades, format provides longer and broader viewing range and greater message circulation
  • Content providers can respond quickly to market conditions, promotions, news and weather

Transparent Media and Architecture Integration

  • The flexible digital media façade fabric conforms to a building's unique design, thus not concealing it
  • Configurable to 70% transparent preserving the view from within the building.
  • Does not restrict the building's ventilation

Mediamesh® Technology Flexibility / Durability

  • Mediamesh® provides for easy installation over any building surface, including glass
  • Light-weight design allows larger digital media façade installations in locations unable to support traditional digital media displays
  • All weather stainless steel construction can withstand hurricane force winds, frigid cold and searing heat
  • Can be accessed easily for service and maintenance

Garage Media Conscientious - Green / Energy Efficient

  • Uses 80% less energy than traditional LED lighting boards (cooling not required)
  • LEDs have a useful life of over 80,000 hours – up to 10 Years
  • Mediamesh® stainless steel fabric mesh is recyclable and provides passive insulation from sun

Garage Media with Mediamesh® sets Buildings in Motion™.

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