Mediamesh, creating interactive architecture on building facades with proprietary media mesh, metal fabric

New York Port Authority Building, Times Square 2011
Garage-Media, Mediamesh® & A2amedia collaborate to design a new dynamic digital media façade

Media Architecture process

designing Digital Media for Building Surfaces

create Interactive Media Façade Architecture

Media Architecture Process

Garage-Media facilitates the media architecture process by blending digital media facades into interactive architecture. With Mediamesh® we create transparent media facades that utilize energy saving technologies, large LED digital building display systems for dynamic interactive media façade architecture.

Garage-Media brings the critical skills together for digital media façade installation. Together with our strategic partners (A2aMeda, GKD) we work to understand the architectural design needs of our clients. Garage Media also helps clients identify the ROI potential and assists in selling advertising/ branding to the building's tenants.

Digital Media Façades

Digital Media Facades provides interactive animation, transforming building exteriors into a brilliant illumination. Interactive media façade architecture creatively uses video, moving film, branding and advertising for spectacular building displays.

Designed for the optimum digital exterior building display, it is embedded with energy efficient, patented Mediamesh® technology. This digital building technology transforms a building surface into interactive architecture that dazzles and complements the community.

Mediamesh® also effectively communicates messages with the digital media displays to targeted audiences. Using Mediamesh® technology we produce both indoor / outdoor digital building displays.

Interactive Media Façade Architecture

Mediamesh® large LED video building cladding for interactive media architecture turns digital media into interactive architecture. These illuminating digital building wraps incorporate into the building's architecture and add dynamic dimension to the structure.

Digital Media Façades sets Buildings in Motion™.

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