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About Garage Media with Mediamesh & A2amedia — Outdoor Media Technology

Garage Media, Mediamesh® & A2aMedia create digital media facades, stunning displays of Art and Light on large urban buildings. Creatively join talents together in Digital Media and Interactive Architecture to create Mediatecture.

Outdoor media technology, Mediatecture, that uses the Mediamesh ground-breaking technology has many advantages. Our large exterior LED Lighting, combined with its light weight flexibility, allows it to easily transform a building into digital media architecture.

Garage Media helps to create landmark structures with digital architectural design utilizing Mediamesh® technology and A2aMedia services. These digital media façades work in harmony with the building, adding benefits to an urban environment with spectacular images, art, video, and advertising on the façade surface of the building.

Garage-Media designs, installs and operates Mediamesh® technologies on select, high-profile structures in the US and around the world. The outdoor LED Lighting systems can cover thousands of square feet in HD-resolution cinematic video content for a fraction of the cost of traditional low-impact outdoor display systems.

A2aMedia digital media designs and creates the graphical interface programmed for movement, dynamic dimension, digital imagery, advertising/branding, and moving video for digital building façades, projected with Mediamesh® patented, interwoven LED lighting.

The advanced design of the material is light-weight with durable construction and sleek design that blend into the building creating iconic digital architecture. Garage Media connects some of the nation's most iconic properties to the singularly unique Mediamesh® outdoor digital display technology.

Mediatecture sets Buildings in Motion™

Mediamesh® Technology - Digital Media Façade on Bayer Pharmaceuticals Building, Germany