High-tech Outdoor Digital Signage with Mediamesh

Digital Building Wraps

beyond High-tech Outdoor Digital Building Displays


Garage Media creates Buildings in Motion™ going beyond the limits in high-tech outdoor digital signage with Mediamesh®. Building large, high-tech digital building displays turning notable structures into Iconic architecture.

Mediamesh® Installations

Completed Installations for Large Outdoor Digital Displays

  • American Airlines Arena, Miami, FL
  • Piazza del Duomo, Milan, Italy
  • T-Mobile
  • Bayer Headquarters

Interactive Architecture In Progress

  • Port Authority, Times Square [Q4 2010]
  • Double Tree, Times Square
  • Marriott, Times Square
  • Sheraton, Springfield, MA

With Mediamesh technology LED lighting architecture creates outdoor advertising, video, and branding into the ultimate digital building wrap.

The digital building wrap is powered with Hi-Def LED video screens that turn the building surface into a canvas for moving digital imagery, which creates Buildings In Motion™.

Digital Building Wraps create Buildings in Motion™