Mediamesh, creating interactive architecture on building facades with proprietary media mesh, metal fabric.

American Airlines Arena (NBA's Miami Heat Stadium)
Mediamesh® mesh extends 42 Feet. With day or evening video displays playing, this media façade reaches 1.3 million guests annually.


Creating Media Facades

For Interactive Architecture

Mediamesh® patented architectural LED lighting technology creates digital media facades, brilliant outdoor building displays that turn buildings into Interactive Architecture.

Garage Media, together with our strategic partners A2a Media, ag4, and GKD create luminous digital imagery for outdoor interactive architectural lighting designs with Mediamesh technology.

Mediamesh® is a stainless steel mesh fabric, interwoven with high definition, energy-saving LED lighting profiles, connected remotely by a media control system.

Revolutionary Mediamesh technology integrates digital imagery into a light-weight metal fabric, with LED lighting strips woven into the steel mesh to build interactive architecture. The LED media lighting strips produce a wide spectrum of digital images, powerful graphics, video and animated text which conforms to the building's façade.

Mediamesh® architectural LED lighting is engineered for architects, building owners, property owners and is suitable for both exterior and interior applications.

Digital building facades are produced in various sizes, weights, and degrees of transparency, and are flexible enough for architectural lighting design. From an entire digital building wrap to an indoor digital wall display, Mediamesh interactive architecture technology is the answer.

Mediamesh® is a light-weight virtually transparent proprietary media mesh system which does not close off the building facade. Technologically advanced Mediamesh is an economic alternative to conventional electronic boards. The transparent LED metallic mesh allows natural lighting in, while the digital building wrap enhances the architectural structure.

Mediamesh® digital media facades integrate easily with the interactive architectural design of the building facade. This advanced digital technology offers the perfect medium for creating iconic architecture.

Garage Media with Mediamesh LED video cladding melds architecture, digital media, and entertainment harmoniously together with advertising to communicate messages.

Garage Media sets Buildings in Motion™.

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