Mediamesh, creating interactive architecture on building facades with proprietary media mesh, metal fabric

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Media Architecture

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Media Architecture, Digital Building FacadesMediamesh LED Technology

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Spectacular digital LED media façades meld architecture, digital media and entertainment together creating architonic buildings.

Garage Media presents a new technology in transparent digital media facades. Mediamesh® LED technology combined with outdoor digital media video displays create interactive architecture. These brilliant, high-tech outdoor digital building wraps with transparent LED lighting provide video displays, creating a digital tapestry against an urban sky.

An illuminating integration of advertising, digital imagery, and entertainment, transforms a building into a sculptured display that conforms to the structure, while being in direct relationship with the community.

Media architecture is combined with digital imagery, transforming an outdoor building façade into a brilliant digital display. Utilizing the building as a canvas for advertising, video art, and public entertainment, media architecture showcases a building while enhancing the urban environment.

Powered by Mediamesh® an energy saving, proprietary, high definition LED metallic fabric, the digital building wrap is designed with transparency used to create light and media innovation on outdoor urban buildings.

The digital media architects at Garage Media in collaboration with GKD Mediamesh® and A2aMedia create digital architecture. Integrating Mediamesh® metallic fabric with LED lights creates the revolutionary LED metal fabric strips woven into a stainless steel mesh.

Creating a high tech illuminating digital media facade changes static structures into dynamic digital building displays designed to captivate, inform and communicate. Exhibiting creativity transforms a structure into an architonic digital, interactive building display, symbolic of the city in which it is built.

The patented Mediamesh® material is transparent and strong, yet flexible enough to conform to existing structures. At dusk the iconic building transforms into an illuminating outdoor building display of movement with digital media architecture integrated into a modern building facade.

Mediamesh® completely refreshes the world of outdoor advertising, communication and branding. Digital building facades enable building owners, architects, advertisers and the viewing public with architectural structures that inform and communicate in a whole new dimension.

Media Architecture sets Buildings in Motion™.